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    Hi there and welcome! Great to see that you're browsing our website :).

    Since you are interested in reading more about the brand Golden Grip, we figured that it would be nice to give you a little personal introduction!  

    Just so you have a better picture of what people are behind our brand, and know a bit more about our story.

    We're Job (left on picture) and Thijs (right on picture) from the Netherlands. 

    team golden grip

    We've been addicted to sports our entire life, from football to boxing and from bodybuilding to arm wrestling. 

    A few years after doing the classical bro-splits in the gym, we both stumbled onto a new passion: grip strength training, inspired by our shared love for arm wrestling and strongman.

    However, there was a big frustration point in this.

    There was hardly any equipment available in the Netherlands (or in the world in general). 

    The main options for us were to just import extremely overpriced stuff from the USA or Australia.

    This had to change.

    A cool idea popped into our minds: instead of complaining about the poor supply, why don't we just start our own grip strength brand?

    In the context of 'better to fail than to regret' we decided to go all-in on this idea, and 'Golden Grip' was born in 2020.

    Our goal was to bring high-quality, affordable grip strength equipment to the market. 

    A great benefit we had is that Job is a welder, which enabled us to make a lot of our products right here in the Netherlands.

    This way we could make the product exactly how we wanted, and could guarantee the best quality.

    That's one of the reasons why we are willing to give a lifetime warranty on most of our grip tools, that's how confident we are!

    Always feel free to shoot us a message if you have a question, recommendation, remark, etc. We love to hear from you!

    As for now, we wish you good luck with your training and a happy grippin'!

    Sporty regards,

    Job and Thijs
    Team Golden Grip