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    Big arms: biceps, triceps or forearms?

    Big arms: biceps, triceps or forearms?

    One of the dreams every teenage boy has is to have big arms. The old pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger with his famous bicep pose is the ideal for many gym rats. With this, gradually everyone is actually brainwashed from an early age with the thought: big biceps = big arms. But are big biceps really that important for having big arms? In our opinion: no.

    Sure, big biceps are definitely welcome. You can flex your biceps at any time to demonstrate what kind of alpha male you are, but that's about it. In all likelihood you're not walking down the street with a double bicep pose, so you want to be able to show off your arms in a relaxed position. The reality is that most of the time you're just sitting there with a shirt on, which just nicely covers a large portion of your hard-earned biceps and triceps. 

    Anyway, let's assume you have those nice, full biceps that you flex day and night. Even then, having big biceps doesn't necessarily make your arms look big. A great example of this is YouTuber LuiMarco, whom some may know from his bodybuilding videos. The man was very active in the gym himself and was praised for his highly developed biceps. But did this man have big arms? We don't think so.

    Lui Marco               LuiMarco

    So how can this man not give the impression of having big arms despite his massive biceps? That's because of the missing link: the forearms. Without well-developed forearms you will never get the full look that many people are looking for. There is simply something missing. In a bicep pose you can get away with that somewhat, but put on a shirt, keep your arms neutral and there is nothing left of it.

    If we look at the other extreme, we see a completely different story. Arm wrestlers are the perfect example of this. They have extremely developed forearms, but care less about the biceps. Good examples of this are arm wrestling legends John Brzenk and Arsen Liliev, but also Youtuber Alphadestiny. They all don't have particularly big biceps or triceps, but they still seem to have huge arms, thanks to the highly developed forearms.

                         John Brzenk

    Arsen Liliev            Alphadestiny

    In addition, the forearm muscles are one of the few muscles in the body that can be seen almost constantly. In the winter you can always roll up the sleeves of your sweater to expose your forearms to the light for a while. With a shirt on, they are also fully visible, while the biceps and triceps are fairly hidden behind a layer of shirt. A set of mighty forearms that extend from under your shirt exudes power and makes you look like a real Hercules.

    Stay strong,

    Golden Grip

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