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    Grip strength 101

    Grip strength 101

    If you ask the average person in the gym what is the most important thing to train, one of their last answers will probably be forearms. Legs often fall by the wayside as well, but almost no muscle group gets as little love as the grip and forearms. We at Golden Grip think this needs to change. After years of passion for arm wrestling and grip training, it has become our mission to pass it on to the rest of the population.

    Big forearms are a tremendously valuable addition to any physique. When you talk about big arms, almost everyone thinks only of biceps and triceps, while the full forearms hardly get any attention. Unjustified, if you ask us. In a T-shirt, forearms are one of the most prominent body parts of your entire body. Your biceps and triceps are often already largely covered by shirt, but your forearms can still be admired in their full glory. A great example of truly killer forearms is arm wrestler Arsen Liliev.

    Arsen Liliev grip strength
    Arsen Liliev

    Beyond the external aspect, having a strong grip is extremely valuable for a whole range of athletes. Arm wrestlers depend on having a strong grip and forearms in order to pin their opponent as quickly as possible. For strongman and powerlifters, having a strong grip is also crucial, under the motto of, "If you can't grip it, you can't elevator it. If you can't even hold a barbell in your hands, how can you expect to deadlift it? It's also a must-have for martial arts. Big forearms not only demonstrate strength, but the strong grip of these is also of great use when grabbing someone, something many wrestlers and MMA fighters will attest to. Furthermore, of course, we have climbers, gymnasts and our average gym-bro from the gym who all derive great value from having a set of well-developed forearms.

    The beauty of grip strength is that it's not just limited to athletes. It's also a super handy trait for everyday life. From unloading groceries to moving house, you don't have to be an athlete to see the value of a strong grip. A strong grip can be used so broadly that it can benefit everyone, from the gym-bro at the gym who wants to deadlift more to your grandmother who wants to open a jar of jam.

    And maybe the most important reasons of all.... It's a lot of fun!

    Stay strong,

    Golden Grip

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